When using this script I suggest you rewrite it and say the script in a way that feels natural to you. Do not read the script when you are saying it, at the MOST you should have a few bullet points, practice if needed with a buddy or outside your area (not the area you want to work in).

• “Hello XYZ Agents, how may I help?”
• “Hi, I have seen a property on “The Street” which you have for rent on Rightmove and wondered if it was still available?”
•“Oh yes I know the one, it is still available would you like a viewing?”
• “Yes I would love a viewing, I just wanted a bit more information first…”
• “What can you tell me about the property?”
• “How long as it been available?”
• “What is the décor like?”

Open ended questions to get the agent talking about the property
• “That sounds great. Would the landlord be open to a long term let with a no voids?”

At this point you can either: arrange to view and continue the conversation at the property whilst building rapport or test close on the phone.

Test close
I am a local Landlord and currently have more tenants than properties. I’m looking for good quality accommodation for them. They are professionals working locally and I am happy to spend money on the property to create a really nice environment for them. I would of course still be responsible for paying your rent each month so you would not have any issues there. Do you think the landlord would be open having good quality vetted occupants and for me to spend money on their property?

Then move to a viewing or handle objections.