Thank you for expressing an interest in my mentoring support. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to train thousands of people in property investing and more than 100 people through one to one coaching and mentoring.

My mentoring programme is very simple yet very effective. Over the years I have found the best way for results based mentoring. Right at the beginning we meet for half a day at my home in Birmingham for a one to one planning session. During this session, we will deep dive and understand what you want to achieve in property and the create a personalised blueprint for how we are going to work together to achieve this. We will then speak every week for the next 12 weeks to measure progress, overcome challenges, hold you to account, motivate you and give you access to my personal contacts.

As you would expect I can only provide this level of personalised one to one support to a small number of people at any one moment in time. So, I restrict this to only 4 property investors. To be considered you will need to complete an application process.

If you have the desire to succeed, I have the passion to make you succeed. Complete the application and let’s see if its right for you.

Please complete the form to be considered.